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Joe spices up his life with a taste of Korea

As I was leaving our StayFitAnwyhere training studios, racking my brain on what I would like for lunch, I strolled along Robson St. in the West End of Vancouver. Fried chicken, no,  schwarma, not feeling it, sushi, had it a few days ago…Korean, hmmm, that tempted my tastebuds. If you’ve never tried Korean cuisine, you’re missing out. I ventured into a local Korean restaurant called Norboo. It’s not fancy nor is the service too quick. Regardless with the limited English, the food is entertainment for the senses.

Rice dishes in stone bowls, noodles in steel bowls, vegetarian pancakes, meat on a stick, an abundance of other choices to choose from it’s overwhelming. I settled on a spicy seafood bowl with Korean style noodles. Sounds delicious doesn’t it? The funky Korean pop music in the background gives you a sense of what Korea may be like, I’m probably incorrect, anyone been to Norbooand Korea?

While I waited for the main course, I was offered a few complimentary side dishes, soy sugar infused potatoes, macaroni salad, bean sprouts and their staple, kimchi. A fermented vegetable dish with seasonings.

Finally, my main meal, spicy seafood bowl with Korean style noodle, arrived. The waft of chilies and spices made me misty. The bowl was full of surprises, spot prawns, mussels, octopus, tofu, noodles and thinly slices of dry seaweed. Seaweed is a terrific addition to meals. Not only does it contain calcium, potassium, iron and zinc, but plenty of B vitamins and can be used as a salt instead of the white refined salt. And it’s been shown to cleanse the body of toxins. Try some seaweed in your own cooking.

After taking my time to savour my hearty lunch, I was pleasantly satisfied and for under $10, you can’t go wrong. Next time you’re roaming around the West End of Vancouver, stop in at Norboo, you won’t be disappointed.

Norboo gets  out of 5

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Joe Cheng – Personal Trainer @ StayFitAnywhere

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